Ayala Mulakittathu

Ayala Mulakittathu

Ayala Mulakittathu is Mackerel fish in red colored gravy which is spicy and tangy in taste. This dish makes for a perfect combination with the Kerala Rice or Kappa (Tapioca). Fish is a kind of staple food for Malayalee’s (I am not sure about all parts of Kerala, but Malabar is known for fish foodies). Back in my home town I remember women and men waiting for the guy who brings fish on his bicycle.

I made this a couple of days back and thought of sharing.  It is best to make this in coconut oil and use Kashmiri chilly powder, for that deep red color. I believe my grandma and mom makes the best fish curry ever and again this recipe of mine has evolved out of their cooking. There are lots of recipes for fish but this is a simple one with Mackerel aka Ayala, anyone can make this curry with the basic ingredients found in every Kerala kitchen.

[box type=”tick”]Fish curries tend to taste better if kept overnight in the Clay Pot.[/box]


  • Mackerel (Ayala) 2 Nos. Cleaned and Cut
  • Ginger and Garlic 1 Tablespoon Crushed
  • Green Chilly 3 Nos. (Siltted)
  • Tomato 1 Small Chopped
  • Tamarind one small gooseberry sized (socked in warm water)
  • Turmeric Powder 1/4 Teaspoon
  • Chilly Powder 2 Teaspoon
  • Kashmiri Chilly Powder 1 Teaspoon
  • Coconut Oil, Fenugreek Seeds, Curry Leaves Salt and Water as required


  1. Heat up your favorite clay pot with a tablespoon of coconut oil and splutter fenugreek seeds
  2. Add crushed ginger garlic and green chilly; sauté till the raw smell goes on medium flame
  3. Add tomato and sauté till the tomato become well cooked; Mash it a little
  4. Add Turmeric, Chilly, Kashmiri Chilly; Sauté for a while on medium heat
  5. Add Tamarind Juice and Curry Leaves; Add water for required consistency and allow it to boil for 5 – 10 minutes
  6. Add fish pieces, Curry Leaves in the gravy and reduce the flame to low
  7. Cover and cook until the fish is cooked and gravy is thick
  8. Remove from heat and keep covered for at least 2 hours for the flavors to blend in.
  9. Serve with rice or kappa (tapioca)

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